Photo: Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images

Golden State Warriors winning streak came to an end on Sunday, after their 102-106 loss to the Charlotte Hornets. The “Dubs” were unable to find good shots during the fourth quarter, and, as a result, a seven-game winning streak came to an end.

“I thought our shot selection was really poor. I thought we got really rushed in terms of moving the ball. We didn’t really get much of an offensive rhythm, especially in the fourth quarter,” Steve Kerr said.

The Warriors shot a horrendous 6-of-22 during the fourth quarter, while they missed all of their nine attempts from beyond the arc.

Curry, who played at home in front of family and friends, has not had a good shooting night, going 7-of-22 from the field.

“You got to be a little more thoughtful around how you tried to create shots off those possessions… A good learning lesson in the early part of the season,” Curry said on his team’s shot selection.

“They tried to keep everything in front, so it’s not like you can create an easy advantage when the ball starts moving and hoping to create an open shot. Sometimes, that requires a little dribble penetration with the right spacing.”

In the first half, we did a little better, we just didn’t make anything. In the second half, it was both, we didn’t make anything, and we didn’t create good shots,” Curry added.

Andrew Wiggins scored 28 points, on 12-of-19 shooting, for Golden State, and Stephen Curry followed with 24 points and 10 assists in his annual homecoming game. Coming off an eight-game homestand, the Warriors dropped to 11-2.

“It’s different. Winning games in the road requires a different level of intensity, a different level of focus than it does at home. You can get off some slow starts at home, and you can bounce back, you got the crowd in your side,” Draymond Green said in the postgame media session.

“I don’t think we necessarily got off to a slow start, but we never really put our imprint in the game. When you don’t do that, the game could go either way,” Draymond added.

The Warriors will face the Brooklyn Nets, following Sunday’s loss. This will be the second of a four-game out in the East, where they will play Cleveland and Detroit, before returning home to face the Toronto Raptors next Sunday.