Image courtesy: Tony Avelar/Associated Press

Joining 95.7 The Game’s “Damon & Ratto” last Wednesday, Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr said that Stephen Curry’s success comes from enjoying life.

“I’ve long felt that’s one of Steph [Curry’s] secrets to his success, he loves his life. He loves his family, he loves his hobbies, his daily existence on the Earth, he just enjoys it so much. He’s got so much going for him that it makes everything smoother and more fun for him on the court. I think that’s true for everybody. If you can get things in order and you’re in a comfortable place, you’re going to have more success.”

It may seem to be true for the part of the game’s greatest shooter. Having a decorated career — two Most Valuable Player awards, three NBA titles, multiple All-NBA selections and All-star game appearances — Steph still has a productive off-court life with his family and friends. 

One must acknowledge that people around us impact our reasoning and motivation in life. Indeed, living life to the fullest and enjoying every single moment are recipes for success.