Image courtesy: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Retired professional cager Andrew Bogut expressed his heartwarming support for Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter.

Via Twitter, the pride of Australia promoted the cause of the 29-year-old big man who continuously condemns the Chinese government.

Recently, Kanter called out Nike owner Phil Knight, basketball legend Michael Jordan, and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to join him in visiting China’s suspected labor camps. 

Kanter has been vocal for the past few days about the presumed harsh treatment on the minorities in China, as well as the current stand of the said factory regarding the issue. 

“Nike remains vocal about injustice here in America, but when it comes to China, Nike remains silent,” said Kanter, in a Twitter post last Monday with the hashtags #HypocriteNike and #EndUyghurForcedLabor.

“You do not address police brutality in China, you do not speak about discrimination against the LGBTQ community, you do not say a word about the oppression of minorities in China, you are scared to speak up.”

Kanter’s outspoken interest mainly circles around the inhumane dealings that the Uyghur people are receiving. As per studies of the US State Department, there are roughly around 2 million Uyghurs and other ethnic groups being detained in internment camps and experiencing harsh labor conditions.