With LeBron James out of the game, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook took it on themselves to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a road win over the San Antonio Spurs (125-121).

The two stars had 35 points, 17 rebounds, and 33 points and 9 assists, respectively, as they were the only Lakers with more than 17 points.

Davis played 42 minutes while Westbrook was on the court for 40 minutes. Seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry thinks that it was too early for AD to play that much time.

“[Austin Reaves] came in, he played great,” Horry said on Spectrum SportsNet. “I thought Monk played great. But we always want to harp on the big two since LeBron was out of the Big Three. I think everybody came in, they stepped up when they needed with some good defensive plays…

“I think It was just a great overall game for everybody. But I think they needed this win. But the only thing that kind of sticks out in my mind is that AD played 42 minutes and they got a game tomorrow. It’s a little too early for that.”