It is year 19 for Carmelo Anthony in the NBA. The 37-year-old forward is long past the time when he had to find his place in the league. Being a well established veteran, Melo now faces many players that are in a position in which he was many years ago.

One of them is Ja Morant, who led the Memphis Grizzlies with 40 points in a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. After the game, Anthony was asked to talk about how it feels for him to play against rising young stars, such as Morant, who are trying to find their place in the NBA.

“We still trying to find our place too,” Melo said. “We expect to be in games like this, especially now night in and night out. I think the talent level throughout the NBA has gotten better. Team have gotten better. Teams are playing faster. It’s showtime every time teams go up against us. And we understand that and we expect that.

“Somebody like Ja he’s going to continue to get better. His game will continue to elevate. He is the future of this NBA. He shows that every single night what he’s able to bring to the game.”