James Harden MVP Nets
Photo: skysports.com

Brooklyn Nets experienced another disappointing defeat as they fell to 1-2, three games into the season. Kevin Durant tried to keep the Nets in Sunday’s game vs. Charlotte; however, the Hornets stood tall and secured a huge win.

James Harden had an off-night for Brooklyn, as the superstar guard finished the game with 15 points, eight assists, and eight turnovers vs. Charlotte.

(via fadeawayworld.net):

“I’m just getting my confidence back you know, I’m a little hesitant…. You guys can see it,” Harden admitted. “Going through a lot of ups and downs last year and then coming into training camp healthy, then making sure my conditioning is where it needed to be.”

Just making sure my confidence continues to build and that’s all that matters,” he added. “Were in game 3 and hopefully my confidence- well not hopefully-but my confidence will rise. It will continue to get better as games go on, I’ll get more confident, and I [will] get that burst of speed like I’m normally used to. So, no worries at all.”

The Nets remain without Kyrie Irving, who will sit out for the season due to New York’s vaccination protocols. The Nets had a big problem in converting their attempts Sunday, as they finished with just nine made threes in 35 shots.

So far, Harden is averaging 18.3 points on 38.8 percent shooting from the field, way down from his career averages of 25.1 points per 44.4 percent shooting from the field.