With the fallout from the Superbowl dominating the sporting news on Monday, we felt that we should give the gossip a rest. But it returns today and Brandon Jennings has some interesting comments about LeBron.


He might be out of action, but that isn’t stopping Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings from speaking his peace.

Jennings named his all-time top 10 list on Twitter:


Then explained and stunned his Twitter followers with why LeBron was so low. This is a screenshot, as he has deleted this tweet.

Brandon Jennings tweet on LeBron


Paul George playing this season? Surely not..

Via Pacers.com:

Bird met with the media Tuesday morning for a general question-and-answer period in a Bankers Life Fieldhouse hallway, and let it drop that George might be able to play in a month or so.

“I want to win and make the playoffs,” Bird said when asked if he’s still in a win-now mode regarding transactions. “Hopefully down the road we’ll see where Paul’s at. We still have no idea whether he’s coming back or not, but every week it seems like he’s getting better and better. If we do have an opportunity to get in the playoffs, he can get some games under his belt and get ready to go next year.”

He has expressed hope that he can play this season, and Bird is all for it if there is no risk to George’s future.

“I think it’s important,” Bird said. “If the player’s ready to play, they have to play. We’re not going to hold him back if he’s able to go out there and play. When you’re out like that, you lose something. He’s going to get beat up, he’s going to get knocked around, he’s not going to look good, but I still think if he’s able to play he should be out there.”


Well, why not…