Evan Fournier joined the New York Knicks this past offseason together with Kemba Walker via a trade from the Boston Celtics. The French guard is getting used to being coached by Tim Thibodeau, who was named Coach of the Year last season after bringing the team back to the playoffs as the number 4 seed in the East.

According to Fournier, there is more running in practice under coach Thibodeau. Another thing he pointed out in his coaching style is discipline because of which the Knicks don’t make mistakes.

“What’s different is that I’m doing the running now,” Fournier joked after practice Thursday in Tarrytown, via Peter Botte Of New York Post. “But facing Thibs, like I’ve said many times, it was always playing a team that’s very disciplined, that won’t beat themselves because they don’t make mistakes. You’re gonna have to beat them.”

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