A new documentary from Showtime by the title “Passion Play” is set to debut on October 15th. It will focus on Russell Westbrook, the way he plays basketball, his personality and more. The new point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers talked to media about how the documentary came about and what is the message he wants to send with it.

“I think just the short version of the just misperception of myself,” the former NBA MVP said. “A lot of you guys here even down’t know me. A lot of media people across the world don’t know me. The time in my career and continuously they’re miscreated and misrepresented narratives of me and who I am as a person, how I play the game and who I am as a person.

“For me all of a sudden it’s kind of coincided. So when I come across people, people automatically assume I’m a bad person or an a*shole or I’ve done something to them but actually nobody actually knows me enough to actually say things about me. So this gives you a real overview of kind of who I really am. And I kind of let everybody in which I have never done and before in the past for that particular reason. That’s kind of the gist of it.”