Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

For the first time in his career, Russell Westbrook will team up with a superstar big. The former NBA MVP will play alongside Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers. According to Russ, his job is to push Davis so he brings out his best game every night.

“AD is a special talent. The whole world knows it, the league knows it. One of a kind,” Westbrook said about Davis. “There’s nobody like him that can do everything that he able to do at his size. My job is to make sure I continue to push him each day each practice, each game where he can be at the top of his game each and every night.

“He’s been in this league a long time so he understands how to play the game, he knows when he needs to turn up. I know now he wants to turn it up so it’s my job to make that that’s up every single night.”