Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Los Angeles Lakers will field a different team when the 2021-2022 season begins. No less than 11 players, including superstar point guard Russell Westbrook, were added to the roster this offseason in what was a complete revamp of the team.

Despite the changes, the two superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis remain Lakers. The latter shared his thoughts on the differences between the team’s roster from last year and this year’s team. According to the 28-year-old forward, the Lakers got older and wiser, but it is still early to say how the two teams will be different.

“We have a lot of vets. But we won’t know until we get started,” AD said when asked what the big difference is between the two teams. “We’re a lot older. But we got a lot more wisdom. Guys know how to play. And I’m not saying guys didn’t last year but the veterans that we got, theses guys were in the league for a long time and so we can put a lot more complex stuff in knowing that guys understand it a lot quicker.

“But we won’t know the difference until we will be able to step on the floor tomorrow for camp. And then a couple of preseason games to know where we are and what we can do to be successful this year.”