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For some basketball enthusiasts, online sports betting is a fun way to beat boredom. Others, on the other hand, see betting on basketball as an opportunity to earn a profit.  

Whatever your reason may be for trying this possibly profitable endeavor, learning the language of basketball betting, particularly NBA betting, is essential in making accurate predictions. 

This article includes sports betting strategies that can help you make money from your NBA bets.  

As the new NBA season starts, you may be thinking of betting on basketball. Before you place your bets, here are a few tips that can help you gain a betting edge. 

Reading American Odds  

It would help if you first learned how to read the odds to bet successfully. Remember that in the U.S., sportsbooks use the moneyline or American odds format. 

In moneylines, the favorite team is always preceded by a minus sign (-), while a plus sign (+) represents the underdog. 


Handicapping is an essential strategy to win a stake. If you want to bet on the NBA, you must first shop around and find the sportsbook that offers the best odds and lines. 

Handicap betting is huge in the NBA because of how the scoring works. Either the underdog team is “given” extra points at the beginning of the game, or the favorite has points “taken” from their tally.

Betting Options 

There are many betting options available when betting on the NBA. Common NBA bet types include moneylines, point spreads, point totals (O/U), parlays, propositions, and futures.

Below are the two most common NBA bets.


A moneyline stake in the NBA requires you to choose the outright winner of a matchup. 

For example, the Chicago Bulls are the favorite with -250. If you bet $100 on them, the Bulls must be the straight-up winner of the game. You’ll earn $250 plus your original bet amount of $100 if Chicago triumphs. 

Point Spread 

A point spread is a stake on the margin of victory in a game. For example, the Golden State Warriors are -6 against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

The GSW must win by at least seven points to cover the spread. If you back the Lakers and they win or lose by five points or fewer, your bet wins. 


With tons of stakes, a packed schedule, and nail-biting action, betting on the NBA can be both exciting and profitable. 

You may not win every stake you place. However, when you have a solid betting strategy, you may predict game outcomes accurately and, in turn, maximize your potential profit. 

Author’s Bio 

Naomi Cook is a sports betting analyst with expertise in creating various content pieces across different platforms.