Basketball is the game of relentless gentlemen who never give up on their goals. It is a game that requires hardships, tolerance, and some inherited strength. We have had some legendary basketball matches worth remembering forever. The few basketball veterans in our world possess abilities that remain unparalleled even today! Basketball is a game that genuinely deserves all the recognition in the world. The court, the payers, their charisma, and other characteristics make it worth watching. As an ode to our basketball legends, Hollywood has made a ton of basketball documentaries. Here are the best seven out of them. 

  1. Basketball – A Love Story

The title itself gives away that crux of this documentary. It is about the people that have dedicated themselves to the sport, and there is no looking back now. This 10-part ESPN documentary stretches for about 20 hours, interviewing notorious members of the basketball community. It includes retired and current NBA and WNBA players, commissioners, and coaches to unveil the web of the basketball industry. Apart from Michael Jordan and Gregg Popovich, this documentary involves every significant face in basketball. 

  1. Doin’ It In The Park

A good sport can do wonders when it comes to bringing people together from different communities. Basketball is one of those sports, and this documentary explores that unifying aspect of the game. The documentary takes viewers through New York City, the home of basketball, to see its impact on people. People still remember it after nearly a decade, making it an excellent choice to add to your Hulu collection of movies

  1. Shut Up and Dribble

Jemele Hill, the award-winning journalist, has narrated this masterpiece of a documentary. It underlines the struggle of basketball players from the initial days of the NBA till now. The double standards rampant in the basketball community and the efforts to remove them are the highlights of this documentary. If you want to see the evolution of basketball into a popular game, then this documentary is for you.

  1. Iverson

No basketball fan in the world has not heard about Allen Iverson. Before he developed those legendary moves, Iverson rose from poverty. Despite facing the worst scenarios of racism, the iconic basketball player held on to his kindness till his untimely death. However, Iverson and his rising career were no strangers to controversies, and this documentary does justice to his story. It explores his rise in the basketball community, the meaningful people in his life, and his personality.

  1. The Carter Effect

Fans of Drake and Vince Carter need to gather around for this documentary. Drake narrates the story of the basketball legend and the rise of the Raptors in Canada through this documentary. The Raptors were unpopular nobodies in need of a hero until Vince Carter joined them. Thanks to his unparalleled charisma and community-driven attitude, Carter took the Raptors to new heights in Canada. 

  1. One & Done

The education system has a unique way of demotivating children and crushing their dreams, but Ben Simmons found a way around it. This documentary tells the story of the sheer perseverance of one basketball enthusiast who went to extreme lengths to realise his dream. In this documentary, Simmons gives his perspective on the NCAA system and its flaws. This documentary can also serve as a motivation for those thinking that the odds are against them.

  1. Benji

Windy City still remembers the death of the iconic basketball player Benji Wilson. This documentary explores his story as a student, sportsman, and victim who left a mark on the Chicago South Side. Benji was said to have a high potential to become a star, but his untimely death shook America. To this day, the loss of this irreplaceable talent still resonates with new ball-players like Derrick Rose.


These documentaries speak of significant incidents that shaped the world of basketball and brought some glamour to it. Whether it is a tournament, player, or legacy, this sport is always worth remembering! These documentaries can open a whole new world of experiences to people who are unaware of the story of basketball. Most basketball players come from humble beginnings, with nothing but burning passion in their hearts. Watch these documentaries to give an ode to such legends and future players in the making.