Kyrie Irving vs Cavs
Photo: AP/Tony Dejak

Even though the Brooklyn Nets have more than one superstar on the team, namely Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, NBA legend Isiah Thomas thinks that the latter is crucial for them to win a title.

The two-time NBA champion with the Detroit Pistons pointed at the Cleveland Cavaliers during LeBron James’ second spell with the team when they managed to come down from being 1-3 down in the Final against the Golden State Warriors and managed to come back to win the championship. According to Thomas, it would not have been possible without Irving.

“The LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavs that came back and beat the Golden State Warriors after they had a 73-9 season — and LeBron James was off the charts in every statistical category — but the Cleveland Cavs do not win the championship without Kyrie Irving on that team,” Thomas said, via Ethan Thomas of Basketball News. “Put me down on record. The Brooklyn Nets with the team constructed the way it currently is, cannot, and will not, win the championship if he is not there. Period.”