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The new NBA season is almost upon us, and that means match-going and filling stadiums once again. 

We’ve all missed the rapturous applause of fans and crowd reactions to exquisite three-pointers and humiliating nutmegs. However, it’s advisable not to get too carried away like this fan at a Philadelphia 76ers game, or you could find yourself in a bit of trouble!

It’s fine to be immersed in the passion of the game, but if you find yourself struggling to control your emotions against your own will, websites like BetterHelp can aid you with this, especially if you’re an ardent season-ticket holder.

That said, tickets will sell like hotcakes, and you’ll likely be hoping you can get your hands on one. Let’s take a look at some of the most accessible ways to get your tickets for a fair price.

NBA Tickets

You can buy tickets on the NBA’s own It’s the most authentic source for bonafide NBA tickets, with tickets for the WNBA, Summer League, NBA Draft, NBA G League, and, of course, season tickets all available. 

If you buy your tickets from NBA Tickets, you’ll either be sent them physically in a secure manner, or you’ll receive your order through email or mobile phone.

Another feature on the NBA Tickets official website is “Buy from Team.” If you choose this option, you essentially have the chance to buy tickets from a specific team, depending on their opponent, time, venue, seat(s), and so on. 

This process is still done through the same website, but in this case, a team buys the tickets from the official NBA website and then sells them to you via their own proprietary software/websites. The prices of these tickets vary depending on the aforementioned factors. 

Official Resale Tickets

If you’re desperate for a ticket and you’re willing to pay a little more, you can browse the resale options available through official NBA ticket sellers.

The official NBA website, for instance, can redirect you to a website that is verified and approved by all teams to purchase resale tickets. You can get some great deals here, but there is a chance tickets may be upsold, especially for popular team pairings.

It all depends on the seller – they’re the ones who have complete authority over the price of a ticket. You can do your research until you find a ticket price that’s right for you.

Keep an Eye On Your Team

Another way to cut costs is to look for discounts from your favorite teams. 

Subscribe to a team to receive updates and alerts about special deals. You can do this by clicking on your team’s logo and selecting “More Options,” where you can link your email to your team’s ticketing site.

Trustworthy Third-Party Ticket Sellers

If you’ve tried all these options and you still aren’t happy, there are other authentic websites you can visit to purchase NBA tickets, such as:

Most teams sell tickets through these third-party websites and are safe and secure to use. You’ll find good deals on most of them.

No matter where you decide to do your ticket shopping, you have plenty of options, so don’t worry – just sit back and enjoy the game!