Dennis Schroder

CJ McCollum opened up about the one-year deal between the Boston Celtics and Dennis Schroder.

McCollum, the superstar of the Portland Trail Blazers and new NBPA president, believes Schroder will have a lot to prove this season.

“He’s in a situation where he’s playing on a one-year deal. He’s got a lot to prove. Now, he’s probably angry. He’s probably a little frustrated at the situation, but also motivated.

I think one of the best things about sleights, or going through struggles, or potentially turning down money, similar to what John Collins did is that you come in motivated, and you also understand what’s at stake.

If he did turn down that money, and he’s playing on a contract worth about $5.9 million, then he knows there’s a lot at stake for this season. I think his approach, his mindset and his mentality is gonna be different going into this year,” said McCollum on the latest episode of his podcast.

Schroder rejected a four-year, $84M extension with the Lakers last season and eventually signed an one-year deal with the Celtics, worth $5.9M.