Damian Lillard
Photo: Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Damian Lillard addressed his future with the Portland Trail Blazers, as he is still involved in trade rumors.

Lillard doesn’t see himself leave Portland and has his sights set on winning a championship with the Blazers.

“We lose to Denver, they were you know unhealthy. I’m frustrated with the loss against Denver, so like we gotta do better.

I’ve always said I want to play in Portland, I want to win in Portland, and I still feel that way. So if I’m saying we gotta do better, we gotta give ourselves a real chance, we can’t get out the first round as we are, then we gotta get better.

It was like, if it comes down to me having to move on and do something different like then maybe that’s what I have to do

But it was like, I haven’t made that decision you know what im saying?  But the fact remains that I would like to win a championship in Portland,” Lillard told Complex’s Pierce Simpson.