At long last, the NBA is ready to return to its normal schedule to the delight of millions around the world. The association has unveiled its 82 -game plan packed with notable reunions and star-studded matchups. Discover the biggest highlights of the upcoming season.

Finally, the NBA is returning to normalcy and regularity. After 2 years of shakeups caused by the pandemic, we are going to see the typical autumn-spring duration, from October to April. Besides, the Lakers are going to appear on national TV 42 times! Fans and bookmakers can rejoice.

Dates to Circle

First, the Suns and Bucks will have their finals rematch on February 11. The rotations are largely the same, but PJ Tucker has left Phoenix for Miami in free agency. It is a great time to place new wagers and monetize your foresight, as bookies like the low deposit casino sites are already gearing up. 

Secondly, the Bucks will play against the Nets starting from October 9. Their final match last summer was intense and spirited, and the outcome was decided by the size of Kevin Durant shoes — his toe touched the three-point line during his potentially decisive shot. The Bucks secured the NBA title, but the Nets were obviously short-changed, and they will be at full strength this time. Who will claim the conference now?

The third-biggest highlight is Kyle Lowry’s comeback. A Canadian basketball hero and one of the biggest players for the Raptors’ ever, he will receive a warm welcome on February 3 when he joins the Heat for his off-season stint. 

Other Highlights

  • On Nov. 29, brothers Lonzo and LaMelo Ball will square off in Chicago for the second season in a row. Now, Lonzo is with the Bulls, while LaMelo is the Kia Rookie of the Year after the previous season. LiAngelo Ball could also join the Hornets.
  • Kevin Durant, who returned to Golden State last season but played without fans, will now get his warm reception. On January 29, he is scheduled to appear at Chase Center. 
  • Klay Thompson might return if he recovers fast enough.
  • On November 1, the Trail Blazers will confront the Sixers. It is unclear if both Ben Simmons and Damian Lillard will be playing, and if they will change uniform. Their future is still uncertain. Lillard has questioned the strategy of the Blazers while Simmons has been tossed around as trade material.

Who Is the Real MVP?

Experts have different opinions regarding the game’s best player. On November 17th, this debate may be resolved when the Bucks confront the Lakers in Milwaukee. Will LeBron outshine Giannis, or will the opposite happen?

Spacing in the Schedule

Once again, we are going to see as much game spacing as possible. The schedule will give players time to rest, as there will be no four and five for any team (four games in 5 days). This is the fourth season in a row that discourages load management.