Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder’s campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t work out as planned as he had to deal with injury and a first-round playoff exit; it’s believed he’s ready to move on. The player is on the end of a four-year, $70 million deal and is reportedly looking for $100-$120 million from his next contract. 

That is according to the vice president of the German Basketball Federation Armin Andres, who said as much on the Abteilung Basketball podcast. “Dennis Schroder has communicated this clearly: he wants 100, 120 million – which he will probably also get – and this sum insured cannot be insured on the normal market at the moment,” he said in quotes cited by Manuel Baraniak.

The Lakers, meanwhile, will be looking to make another run at a title with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The team could use Schroder as leverage in a sign-and-trade deal that would see them land one of their main targets. The team is keen on adding another All-Star to the roster and splitting their partnership with the guard could be something both parties want.

That said, let’s take a look at three teams the German could end up on in the offseason.

Miami Heat

The Heat are reported to be among Damian Lillard’s top preferred destinations and are understood to be one of the most aggressive suitors in that regard, yet Schroder might be an interesting prospect should they not land the Portland Trail Blazers sharpshooter.

Last season’s NBA finalists were swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks and Pat Riley will be looking to go all out to build a team capable of returning to the NBA Finals. According to NBA Analysis Network’s Evan Massey, Miami could possibly make a move for Schroder this summer. The heat could be one of the most active teams in the offseason and fans should look out for odds on who goes where. Also, be sure to take advantage of the promo codes for next season.

Trading for Victor Oladipo did not work out as the guard suffered another quad injury while Trevor Ariza’s defense couldn’t help them get past the Bucks in the postseason. Riley will be keen on adding another All-Star to the team’s lineup to compliment Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. 

They’d likely be more intent on getting a player like Kyle Lowry, who is going to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, yet a player in Schroder’s mold would probably be attractive as well

They could use a sign and trade to get rid of veteran contracts such as the ones belonging to Goran Dragic ($19.4M) and Andre Iguodala ($15M).

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs have a generational talent in Luka Doncic, who already has the makings of an established superstar in the NBA at just 22 years old. The former Rookie of the Year, a two-time All-Star and All-NBA First Team feature for the last two years, is likely to be an MVP within the next few years. However, Dallas will need a lot more from elsewhere as he simply cannot do it all on his own.

The Mavericks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Los Angeles Clippers for the second season in a row and there is a need to surround the Slovenian with more talent. Kristaps Porzingis is not as formidable as he used to be and it would help to have another star who could take some pressure off Doncic. They should be looking to re-sign Tim Hardaway Jr. in the summer but adding someone like Schroder could help them get over that hump in the Western Conference.

The Mavs do have a few assets that could interest the Lakers in a sign-and-trade. Josh Richardson, Trey Burke, and Jalen Brunson could prove to be attractive pieces, especially as they don’t command high salaries. Richardson has an $11.6 million player option for next season while Burke is only set to make $3.1 million. Brunson, the most attractive of the three options, is owed $1.8 million next term.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Lakers and Pelicans have done some mutually beneficial business in recent years and it wouldn’t be beyond them to head back to the table over a deal for the German guard. The Pelicans are just one or two players away from being a very special team – they have Zion Williamson, after all. However, they aren’t known for making the best decisions.

They’ve made the playoffs on just two occasions since renaming in the 2013/14 season but have a great young core in Williamson and Brandon Ingram, who was the NBA’s Most Improved Player last season.

Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball, acquired in that Anthony Davis trade with the Lakers along with Ingram, are both free agents this year and it’s been reported that the team isn’t keen on matching offers received by Ball. If the former Lakers point guard ends up opting out and leaving, they could be in for Schroder.

Williamson and Ingram are the only players considered untouchable on the Pels roster so a trade would not be that hard to pull off.