LeBron James
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

LeBron James doesn’t get star struck much these days. I mean, he is arguably one of the most recognisable faces on the planet.

However, at the premiere of his new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy on Tuesday, James met YouTube personality Mark Phillips, who has established himself with his NBA impersonations and other online entertainment.

The four-time league MVP and multiple time NBA champion couldn’t contain his excitement upon the two making introductions.

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Phenomenon, Phillips, who is the founder of the YouTube channel RDCworld1, appeared blown away by James’ endorsement for him and his team to continue their work.

Phillips is best known for his interpretation of LeBron’s reaction to James Harden joining Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the Brooklyn Nets.

The video shows Phillips, as LeBron shooting jumps shots, and when he told about Harden’s move to Brooklyn, he flips out and concedes that he can’t do this anymore at the age of 36-years-old.

The reaction to the video was popular but it was about to go to levels that Phillips has never encountered before.

The next day, James tweeted his reaction to Phillips’ sketch and the post has since gone viral with well over 1.4 million likes on James’ personal Twitter page.

It’s safe to say, James enjoyed the video and his meet with the social media star was one he definitely enjoyed – as well as Phillips himself.

“But what’s crazy about LeBron is that we make videos involving him … so when he did it, it’s like, I didn’t think it was real,” Phillips said at the time on the red carpet to ESPN.

“We were actually in the middle of filming a YouTube video and didn’t know he tweeted it. My nephew FaceTimed me and told me, and I was in shock.

“Immediately he was like, ‘You made it, you made it,’ and we couldn’t believe it at all, but we were just yelling in joy and all just crowded around one phone with the highest level of excitement.”

If James and Phillips encountering at the “Space Jam” premiere means anything, it’s that the latter is already well ahead of creating a new legacy of his own.