Photo: Noren Trotman/Getty Images

After making the All-Star team at just 22-years-old, Baron Davis had a bright future ahead of him in the NBA. The soon-to-be 2x steals champ was bringing electrifying skills on both ends through his athletic ability and basketball IQ. Baron’s potential during his early days with the Hornets had such a high ceiling that former teammate Jamal Mashburn would constantly tell him he had the chance to be an all-time great. 

(Via Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles):

“Baron, he just had that youthful energy man, off the wall. I used to tell Baron, ‘Listen, you can be an all-time great man.’ He was the most talented guy that I’ve ever seen at that point guard spot. Big size, can jump, understands the game, and just a great personality.”