Dennis Schroder Lakers Jazz
Photo: Lakers Daily

Dennis Schroder will test free agency as an unrestricted free agent after his four-year contract expires this summer. Earlier this season he turned down an $84 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to Armin Andres, Vice President of German Basketball Federation (DBB), the point guard is expecting to a deal in the range of $100-$120 million. Andres mentioned the fact as it is the reason why Schroder is not representing Germany this summer as the burden of insuring his future contract of that value is too big on DBB.

“Dennis Schroeder has communicated this clearly: he wants 100, 120 million – which he will probably also get – and this sum cannot be insured on the normal market at the moment,” Andres said on Abteilung Basketball podcast as reported by Manuel Baraniak.

During the season-ending press conference Schroder expressed his desire to return to the Lakers next season. The team’s legend Magic Johnson, though, questioned Schroder’s fit with the Lakers, saying that they should part ways.

Betting sites have tracked that this past season the German guard averaged 15.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game for the Lakers.

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