The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Brooklyn Nets 104-89 to force Game 7 in the second round series. Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday led the winners with 38, 30 and 21 points respectively.

Meanwhile for the Nets, their top scorer was Kevin Durant. After the game, Bucks forward P.J. Tucker talked about guarding KD in this game as well as in his career in general.

“It’s the playoffs, man,” Tucker said. “I don’t know what people think. We dream about this our whole lives. You dream about being in the playoffs and guarding the best player in the world. I’ll die out there. I’m living my dream. I’m not backing down from nothing. I’m fighting for every inch. I don’t understand everybody’s, like, all this little stuff.

“Me and Kevin fight every year. I’ve guarded him every year in the playoffs. Golden State, Oklahoma City, it doesn’t matter. Regular season, playoffs. I love guarding him. I enjoy it. He’s the best scorer I’ve ever seen in my life.”