Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Anthony Davis faced several injury setbacks during the season, being unable to stay healthy for the second part of the season.

Jared Dudley believes Davis will be there to carry the torch for the Lakers next season as LeBron James is getting older, and he may take a step back.

(via silverscreenandroll):

“We salute (LeBron). People say he’s slowing down, and it’s natural to slow down a little bit,” Dudley said. “That’s why you have Anthony Davis. That’s where he has to take the torch, and that’s where he will take the torch next year.”

This is not the first time the veteran shared his opinion on the ability of Davis to lead the Lakers, but to do that he has to be available to play.

“Big summer (for him) taking care of his body, getting to the right point to where we need him for him to lead and get back to a First-Team, All-NBA player,” Dudley said.“That’s what we expect. That’s what he expects from himself”.