LeBron James
Photo: @kingjames/Instagram

Former NBA star Chris Bosh, who was a teammate of LeBron James for four years on the Miami Heat, shared his thoughts on whether The King can take the Los Angeles Lakers to a title contention after a first round exit this year.

Bosh stressed the importance of James as well as the rest of the Lakers getting healthy from their injuries. He also thinks that the team needs to improve its roster to be able to contend for a championship next season.

“I expect him to really take care of his body this year,” Bosh said on First Things First. “I think they all need to get healthy. That’s the most important thing. Especially AD. He’s going to have to start finding that fountain of youth because at that part in his career where he’s playing so well but now he has to get used to the load and managing that load and really preparing your body for that 82-game schedule.”

According to Bosh, the fact that this season was the first time for James to be knocked out in the first round of playoffs will give him additional motivation in case he lacked any.

“LeBron is a competitor,” former Heat star said. “He doesn’t like to lose. It’s not a fun environment if you’re losing. If he didn’t have any fire under him, now he does.. pushing yourself in the weightroom I write about that in my book. You have to take care of your body. He’s build that up to a habit. It’s a great habit to have. Now there’s just adding extra fuel behind those workouts, behind getting your work done on the court and making sure you’re a great teammate. He’s going to have to find that thing. And I think he’s found it. And let’s be frank, he needs some rest. There’s nothing wrong with rest.