Frank Vogel

The Los Angeles Lakers saw their three-point shooting percentage drop from 35% to 29% during the first two playoff games against the Phoenix Suns. One of the team’s best shooters Kentavious Caldwell-Pope made just 1 out of 11 three-pointers in those two games.

Despite the struggles, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is not too concerned. His primary goal is to have the players take quality shots.

“I’m concerned about shot quality. We generate the right shot quality and our guys stay true to their work and they’re out of their work and they remain confident,” he said.

“We’re going to make plenty of shots to win basketball games so it’s not really not a great concern of mine other than continuing to work for great quality shots. If we get the quality up, the shots will go in. We have shooters on this team that have proven what they can do and we believe in those guys.”