On the surface, you might not think that there is a whole lot of a connection between online casinos and basketball. In fact, you might think that there aren’t any two things that could be less similar. However, there are far more similarities between the two than you might initially assume. From their fundamental building blocks all the way to the ways that people like to engage with them, these two pastimes are far more similar than is immediately obvious. This article aims to elucidate some of the most noticeable ways that basketball and online casinos could be considered similar.

They’re Both Games

The single most obvious similarity between these two activities is that, at their core, they are both games. This means, among other things, that there are some very fundamental aspects of their mechanics that they will invariably share. 

Both have very clearly defined goals. In basketball, your goal is to gain more points than your opponent. In gambling with an online casino, depending on the game, you are aiming to meet the criteria of the game. For example, with slots, your objective is to pull a matching set.

Both have well-defined rules. In basketball, you cannot make physical contact with other players, you cannot move without dribbling, you cannot double-dribble, and you cannot touch the ball with any part of your body other than a single hand. Though the rules for casinos vary from game to game, there are rules that must be observed. You cannot, for example, seek to alter your odds for winning.

Both have clear adversaries. In basketball, the opposing team is your adversary. They seek to gain more points than you and win the game. Similarly, in gambling, there are adversaries. The most common adversary is “the house” which is a term that refers to the casino; additionally, you could be playing against live players who are also seeking to win.

These shared mechanics form a basis of similarity between online casinos, such as and basketball. However, they are not the only way in which the two are similar.

There are Elements of Skill and Chance in Both

As with any game, your skill is a large factor in your ability to win. If you are a skilled player in basketball, then you are more likely to sink more baskets and earn more points overall. Additionally, when you have more skill with games like poker or blackjack, then you are far more likely to win. However, there is invariably and unavoidably going to be some element of chance for both basketball and online casinos. You cannot determine the cards that will be dealt to you in poker, nor will you be able to predict the skill of your opponents in basketball. Fundamentally for both, there are elements of skill and chance that will determine the outcome of the games.

Both Include Gambling

Finally, both basketball and online casinos include, in some capacity, gambling. While this is far more overt in the context of an online casino, it is still very common with sports such as basketball.