LeBron James Lakers
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

LeBron James is expected to make a return to action on Wednesday in a game against the Houston Rockets, a team that has the worst record in the entire NBA and has lost 43 out of their last 48 games.

According to sports analyst Skip Bayless, the four-time NBA champion did not want to face the tough defense of the New York Knicks last night and intentionally delayed his return.

“No way did LeBron want to try a second comeback this year against the Knicks on a Tuesday night at Staples. Because the Knicks play knock down, drag out defense,” he said on UNDISPUTED.

“The wise move, the Schroder’s move would be to wait for Houston. You failed to point out that the Houston Rockets are now by far the worst team in basketball. You realize, Shannon, they’ve not only lost 6 in a row, they’ve lost 11 of 12, they’ve lost 43 of their last 48 games.

“There’s no more John Wall this year, there’s no Eric Gordon, there’s no Avery Bradley, there’s no Christian Wood. I don’t even recognize what’s left of the Houston Rockets and LeBron’s saying ‘I think I’m going to play a little bully ball tonight.’ Way to go LeBron! I’m proud of. Way to go Shannon. I’m proud of you for defending him for not subjecting himself to the Knicks.”