Photo: Getty Images | Kevin C. Cox

The Los Angeles Lakers won their second game in a row after taking down the New York Knicks in overtime (101-99). Talen Horton-Tucker made the winning play for the reigning NBA champions as he made a three-pointer with 20 seconds left to play to give his team a two-point lead. The 20-year-old guard had 13 points, 5 rebounds and 10 assists in 34 minutes of play.

After the game Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked about the final play by THT. “Talen Horton-Tucker really stepped up,” he said. “He had a young player type of night with a lot of good play, bad play situations in particular down the stretch. I love that he just kept his poise. He didn’t get down on himself, he remained confident.

“He got picked by Derrick Rose late in the game and then comes back the next possession bombs a step back three to win the game. That tells you a little bit about him. I think it’s worth noting that Derrick Rose is probably his favorite player growing up. coming from the Chicago area, same highschool, someone he really looks up to. So to see him have that type of moment I’m super happy for him.”

The Lakers remained in the play-in tournament zone in the standings, despite the win. With three games left to play, they are one win behind the sixth-placed Dallas Mavericks that have the head-to-head over Los Angeles.