LA Lakers Frank Vogel
Photo: Bleacher Report

Frank Vogel, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, remains confident of his team regardless of where they will finish in the standings.

The reigning NBA champions dropped to the play-in tournament zone after losing to the Portland Trail Blazers. Qualifying to the playoffs through the play-in tournament would mean that the Lakers would face either the number one or number two seed in the first round.

“We’re just competing to win as many games as we can and wherever we land we’re confident,” Vogel said postgame. “Obviously we want to finish in the top six We still have five games to make up some ground if that’s possible. We’ll continue to try to win as many of those games as we can.

“We’re in adjustment phase like we’ve been in all year. We don’t have either of our two primary quarterbacks and even not Talen. So the odds are stacked us in a situation like this. Very proud of how our guys competed and had an opportunity to pull off a very difficult win. Proud of that.

“If we compete like we did tonight against Phoenix, I feel confident that we can win that cane. That’s all we can control.”