LeBron James, Alex Caruso
Photo: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

With LeBron James and Dennis Schroder being out, Alex Caruso will assume a role of a primary ball handler for the Los Angeles Lakers in the coming games. Despite not having James, he is confident that the team is good enough to win games.

“I might be a little naive when I’m saying this but I really feel that I can win any basketball game that I play in,” Caruso said ahead of the Clippers game.

“That’s just kind of my nature as a competitor. As a human being I just have that mindset to get to this point in my career I’ve had to have that mindset.

“That might not be the best question for me just because I really feel like any basketball game I play in I’m going to win at any give time no matter the score I feel like I have a chance.

“Obviously, we’d love to have LeBron on our team. He makes things a lot easier. He’s a really good player has been to many finals and many deep playoff runs. But I think we have a good enough group to win games right now and in the future. But obviously we’d love to have LeBron back if we can.”