Anthony Davis
Photo: ftw.usatoday

Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis both entered the NBA in 2012 after being drafted in top 10 (number 9 and number 1 respectively). Nine years later, they teamed up on the Los Angeles Lakers.

They did play together on Team USA but were never teammates for an extended period of time. Ahead of the Clippers game, Drummond was asked about his adjustment to playing alongside Davis.

“I think the partnership between AD and I we are coming along great,” he said. “We’re figuring it out little by little, day by day. We get a chance we talk to each other, we watch film together.

“And then being in practice together just learning each other’s spots and where he likes the ball when he likes pick and rolls, when he like for me to come duck in and when he likes his space. I think just the more we play together and the more that we communicate we’ll find that rhythm.”