Ben Simmons Joel Embiid
Photo: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Philadelphia 76ers are in the run to win the Eastern Conference this season thanks to Joel Embiid’s MVP-level season and the presence of Ben Simmons on the defensive end.

Doc Rivers recently talked about the two stars relationship, and how they worked together to put Philadelphia in a winning position this year.

(via Sixerswire):

“Their biggest issue, not just with them two, as a team, it’s good they win and obviously, now they believe they can,” Rivers said. “To me, that’s always usually the issue with most teams.

When guys have a bunch of talented guys and if they can win together. That was, I guess, a bit of a pleasant surprise, there’s no personnel issues or anything like that. That’s an awful nice thing to not have.”

Both Simmons and Embiid had their shortcoming during the postseason in the last few seasons creating a narrative that they could not play effectively together.

With the regular season coming to an end, the Sixers can change the idea on their superstars fit with a deep playoff run or an appearance in the Finals.