Chris Paul
Photo: Getty Images

Phoenix Suns are one of the best teams in the Western Conference led by the backcourt duo of Chris Paul and Devin Booker.

Paul has been a crucial addition to the Suns’ young core transforming a perennial playoff team to a contender this season.

The veteran star talked on his future with the franchise in a recent interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic. Paul was noncommittal about his future with the team.

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“I mean first and foremost, I love it here,” Paul said when asked about the option and whether Phoenix might be his final NBA stop. “I don’t know how many years I’ve got left. I don’t really think about that either. I feel too good.”

“Seriously, this summer, I have no clue. As much as I’m involved in the union and stuff like that, I don’t know what anybody’s teams are, (what their) caps are, I don’t know none of that stuff. I just play. And like I say, I’m lucky to have my brother, my brother who helps. I focus on playing.”

Paul played in five different teams during his illustrious career so far including the Suns this season. The 15-year veteran has a one-year $44.2 million player option for the next season.

If Paul decline, he will become a free agent in the upcoming offseason.