Andre Drummond, Frank Vogel
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

For the first time in his career, Andre Drummond is playing for a team that is a contender. The Los Angeles Lakers newcomer admits that being a part of this team is different from any of his previous roles. Most recently, the 27-year-old center had 8 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists against the Utah Jazz.

“Definitely my role here is a lot different than previous teams I’ve been on,” Drummond said after the Lakers lost to the Jazz. “Me being on Cleveland and Detroit they look for me to be the main guy to score points and do all the other intangible things.

“And while I’m here I’m here to just make this team good on both ends of the court. Whatever they need me to do I’m trying to get the job done. I’m adjusting very well. It’s taking some time but I’m figuring it out day in and day out.

“Defensively we’re starting to get it together. Offensively I’m starting to find the shots that I normally take. Now it’s just getting my legs under me.

I’ve been out for the past month and a half so it’s trying to get that game legs together. Few more games I’ll be fine. AD and LeBron coming back soon and just that chemistry will start to build up more.”

Drummond is averaging 11.6 points and 8.9 rebounds in 7 games for the Lakers so far. It is a small sample size, but these numbers are the lowest since his rookie season in 2012-2013.