Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid
Photo: USA Today

The Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid is confident that he remains one of the top MVP candidates this year. The 27-year-old Cameroonian center 18 out of 55 games for his team this season which could factor in his MVP case.

“I don’t think that that’s true,” Embiid reacted a journalist saying that he appears to be playing with more joy this season. “Last year I was still smiling here and there. This year I don’t feel like I smile enough like I’ve done in the past. I’m just focused I got one task. I want to dominate every single game and I want to win the game. That’s what you’re not being focused this season.

“I don’t think I’ve been smiling as much. I think I’ve actually been smiling less than last year and definitely less than previous years because I used to be all over the place with the crowd and enjoyed having fun. I gotta go. I gotta stay focused. I wanna win.

“As far as MVP, I’ve been dominant all season. I’m not gonna be out here trying to push myself but I know that I’ve been dominant all season. We got a number one seed. When I get the ball is either foul or bucket. When I get the ball, it’s either a foul or a bucket or if I decide to miss the shot and take whatever the defense gives me. So I feel like I’m right there. I feel like that’s mine. But that’s not what I’m focused on. I’m focused on winning every single game and getting to the playoffs healthy and to try to win what matters the most and that’s the NBA championship.”

This season Embiid is averaging 29.8 points, 11 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game for the Sixers. Philadelphia is currently sitting atop the Eastern Conference with 38 wins and 17 losses.