Andre Drummond
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Andre Drummond appeared to have found his place on the Los Angeles Lakers as he finished with double-doubles in two straight games, becoming the team’s top scorer in the second one. However, it was a different picture against the New York Knicks as the 27-year-old center was limited to just 3 points.

After the game, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who was Drummond’s teammate on the Detroit Pistons, was asked how tough it is to build chemistry with him.

“It’s tough,” he said. “When you haven’t played with a guy like Andre. It’s tough. You don’t know when he wants it on the pick and roll, if he wanted to just lob every time. You got to try to figure it out on the go at this point. We haven’t had many practices just to emphasize that with them.

“We got to learn on the go now. We’re getting there. He’s getting close. We’re just trying to figure each other out still. It’s still a different team.