Marc Gasol Lakers
Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Marc Gasol addressed the loss to the Clippers (86-104) and how it can help the Lakers long term.

Gasol said facing the Clippers was a challenge for the Lakers and that can only help the defending champions.

“I think it’s always good to play a good team during the regular season because they present you the strong challenges that forces your team to get better.

So always playing against good teams, like last week we played against Milwaukee or today against the Clippers, they force you to look yourself in the mirror and see what you could do better.

They challenge you, they test you at all levels because they have talent, they have size, they have athleticism, they have depth, they have a lot of consistency on both ends of the floor.

So it’s a challenge. It’s always good obviously, we didn’t have all of our guys and it would’ve been nice because it’s a good kind of, I don’t want to call it a training session, but it’s a good challenge and you can learn a lot from it to get you ready for what you’re gonna see in the postseason,” Gasol told reporters, via Lakers Nation.

Marc Gasol and the Lakers have lost six of their last nine games, dropping to 31-19 in the standings.