Photo: Atlanta Hawks/Twitter

Rajon Rondo is expected to make his debut with the Los Angeles Clippers in the game vs. the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, according to Ty Lue.

The Clippers acquired Rondo from the Hawks during the trade deadline on March 25 in a deal that involved Lou Williams.

Rondo missed many games, due to an adductor injury this season, but, according to Clippers’ head coach, he is ready to make his debut against his former team.

(via ESPN):

“Just kind of plugging him in, just seeing what he picks up,” Lue said on Rondo. “It’s easy to go through plays in practice, but then you got a game on the fly, it is a little different.

And I know how smart he is. Just seeing what he picks up and just seeing what we can incorporate while he is in the game and just try to go from there. It is going to be good to see him get on the floor.”

Rondo is coming off a stellar playoff run last summer in Orlando being part of the Lakers’ team that won the NBA title in World Disney World.