NBA Basketball betting
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Betting on your favorite basketball teams can be confusing if you don’t keep up with the game. The NBA comprises several teams and each with its loyal fans. If you’ve always wondered what the best NBA teams for betting are and where to find great international gambling sites, then your research has probably brought you here. Below is a list of top teams to consider for NBA betting:

Chicago Bulls (Record: 72-10)

The 1995 – 1996 Chicago Bulls is tagged the greatest team to play the game in NBA history. The team achieved the height of their greatness during the season. It’d be one of the best teams in the United States to promote GamStop services among local fans.

1994 – 1995 would have been equally exceptional, but Michael Jordan (A key player) wasn’t available. Nonetheless, Jordan made a shocking comeback later in the season.

The season after saw the team cruise through each game with precision. With the title back in the Windy City, the persistent Bulls finished the regular season with a massive NBA-record of 72 wins.

The team  advanced through the playoffs to win another NBA championship when they defeated Seattle SuperSonics. The Bulls were unstoppable!

Boston Celtics (Record: 67-15)

Boston Celtics take third place on this list for packing heat. The 1985 – 1986 Boston Celtics lost the championship to the Lakers the season before, thus motivating Larry Bird to win at all cost in the season.

With Bird averaging 26.8 PPG, and McHale gripping 21.3 PPG, winning was a breeze. The skills displayed are on record as phenomenal. Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson took complete charge of the backcourt, with Robert Parish holding a firm defense.

Boston Celtics took out 67 games in the regular season, surprising basketball fans before dominating Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, and Chicago Bulls. Houston Rockets weren’t spared either, and Beantown got their title back.

Los Angeles Lakers (Record: 65-17)

Winning a bet on a team like Chicago Bulls is guaranteed, especially with their exceptional reputation. The 1985 – 1986 season was a total disaster for the Los Angeles Laker. Despite a successful 62-win in the regular season, the team failed to progress to the NBA Finals. Their championship dream was cut short due to their loss to the Houston Rockets.

The year earlier, the Lakers had a fantastic season where they won 85 games. The season featured Magic Johnson, who led the team with 23.9 PPG and 12.2 APG.

James Worthy’s role in the team was more noticed after averaging 19.4 PPG. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar changed the gameplay as he helped the team dominate. A.C. Green, Byron Scott, Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper, and Kurt Rambis added spices to the games’ beauty. They fulfilled their roles as fantastic team players.

The Lakers got into the NBA finals to meet none other than the previous year’s champions, the Boston Celtics. Both teams locked horns in a momentous six-game confrontation. At the height of the game, the Los Angeles Lakers dominated and became champions.

Detroit Pistons (Record: 63-19)

One of the most disliked teams was the 1988 – 1989 Detroit Pistons. This was because of their rough playing style.

The Pistons maintained an unbreakable wall of defense. Their defensive strength became the team’s characteristic.

The solid defensive stance was positioned by John Salley, Bill Laimbeer, and Dennis Rodman. With these men on the court, their opponents stood no chance.

Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas had some spotlights as remarkable perimeter defenders. It was as if Dumars trained to be Michael Jordan’s nemesis, with Joe throwing tailor-made passes to keep the game going.

Laimbeer, a superb three-pointer, was an excellent addition to the team. He sank many key baskets that changed the gameplay in their favor. The “1988 – 1989 season” saw Detroit Pistons leading with 63 wins before winning against the Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and Lakers.

Milwaukee Bucks (Record: 66-16)

The Bucks is another dependable NBA team for betting. 1970 was a challenging year for Oscar Robertson, with him near retirement. It was a new page for Robertson in the 1970 – 1971 season when he was introduced to Milwaukee Bucks.

The team’s center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who established himself as a major NBA player, quickly caught fans’ attention during this season. He took charge during each game, averaging 31.7 PPG and Rebounds Per Game totalling 16.0.

Bob Dandridge, who was equally full of energy, also provided Points per game of 18.4 and Rebounds Per Game of 8.0.

Eventually, the Milwaukee Bucks kept their record at 66 games, as it overpowered opposing teams. The team managed to sustain an impressive playoff run by defeating Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain’s Lakers in the Western Conference (NBA) finals before conquering the Baltimore Bullets in the NBA finals.

Robertson was able to hold the title with the assistance of great players.