LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo by AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

With both LeBron James and Anthony Davis being out with injuries, the Los Angeles Lakers players are often asked about getting by without the two superstars. According to Montrezl Harrell, that’s not the case as all of the players are only focused on winning, regardless of who is injured. The 27-year-old center appeared irritated by the media asking the same questions that imply that the Lakers are not capable of winning without James and Davis.

“Well, to be honest with you y’all media you guys have looked at it as a never ending cycle once everybody got hurt,” Harrell, who had 18 points and 11 rebounds for the Lakers in a win over the Magic. “We haven’t looked at it like that. We know what type of players we are. We know we have in our locker and we know what want to do.

“I keep telling y’all just over and over. I wish you could start listening. We’re not playing just for holding on or just trying to get by while Bron and AD are out. No, we get paid to do the same exact job. We’re coming out there to compete, come out here to play the Lakers way we want to play the game and win games. It’s not about holding on, it’s not about ‘Oh it’s the end of the world Bron got hurt, AD got hurt,’ ‘Oh they’re just trying to hook.’ No, it’s not that, man.

“I wish I would get it in your mind and really wake and see that man. Everything that we dealt with is the same thing everybody in the league is going to deal with injuries, Covid, everything. I just wish I would just stop saying that ‘this is a breath of fresh air for y’all because y’all have.’ No. No, so we’re going to continue to keep playing, we’re going to continue to keep building.

“Like I said, we got a great guy in Andre Drummond coming into our organization who’s going to help us tremendously and we’re going to just try to continue to keep rolling and getting better as a team until AD and Bron get back. Simple as that.”