Photo: Barry Gossage/National Basketball Association/Getty

Caris LeVert made his debut with the Indiana Pacers Saturday as his team claimed the victory (122-111) over the red-hot Phoenix Suns.

The Michigan product had 13 points and seven rebounds, shooting 5-of-14 from the field, in 27 minutes of play. After the contest, LeVert explained the rest of the season could be special for Indiana.

“It’s going to be a special rest of the season once everyone starts clicking,” LeVert said. “We got a resilient group, a great team, and they were in my ear the whole game today, even leading up to the game.”

This comes after LeVert underwent surgery to remove a small mass that was found on his kidney in a post-trade physical test.

The Pacers went to win the second game of the second part of the season vs. the Suns, after a close-fought loss to the Los Angeles Lakers Friday.