LeBron James
Photo: Eric Gay, STF/Associated Press

LeBron James could have the chance to win the regular-season MVP award this year, as his odds went up again after the injury of Joel Embiid.

ESPN’s analyst Zach Lowe talked about the fact that LeBron James has not won an MVP award the last eight seasons calling it an ‘undeniable stupid’ situation.

James won four regular-season MVP awards in 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2014 during his early league-wide dominant years of his career.

“I’ve had an official ballot in every season starting in 2013-14, and have not voted James as MVP in any of them. At the time, each vote felt fine — close in some seasons, but fine. I don’t regret any of them now. In totality, it still seems undeniably stupid that that guy we all recognize as the best player alive has not won MVP in eight years. It just does,” Lowe wrote.

Since then, he has not won any individual awards for the regular season as he was more focused on making a greater impact on the playoffs.

Since 2013, James remains the undeniable best player in the league adding two more NBA championships and two Finals MVP in the process.