Joakim Noah Lais Ribeiro

After 13 years, Joakim Noah’s NBA career is officially over. That means he’ll have way more time to spend with his supermodel fiancee Lais Ribeiro.

Noah became engaged to Victoria’s Secret model Lais Ribeiro in September 2019. Now Lais is back in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Both parties announced their cooperation:

Via SI Swimsuit:

“SI Swimsuit Favorite Lais Ribeiro is Back! Lais has an aura of effortlessness around her that acts as a magnetic force, making it difficult to look away. She is gorgeous, and on top of that, she is an incredibly hard-working mother whose energy brings so much joy to those around her. She uses her platform to spread awareness around autism and what it’s like to be a mother of an autistic son. If there is one thing we can do as a brand, it’s to empower individuals to speak up for what they are passionate about and Lais uses her reach and influence to do just that. Creating another outlet for Lais to share her message and celebrate her, for us, is a no brainer.”