LeBron James
Photo: @kingjames/Instagram

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James played just 13 minutes and scored 4 points during the NBA All-Star Game, which was his 17th.

The 36-year-old point-forward rested for the entire second half. At one point he was even spotted snacking while on the bench.

LeBron’s friend and former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins thinks that James did a great job as a GM of Team LeBron and deserved to take a break. “It’s nothing, Rachel. But one thing I would never doubt Adam Silver again, I would never doubt LeBron James GM skills again. Because he’s 4-0,” Perk said on ESPN’ The Jump.

“He knew what he was doing when he picked Giannis with the number one pick, knowing Giannis was going to come out there and carry the load.

And then add Dame Dolla and Steph Curry into the mix along with Jaylen Brown and putting that nickname on them Jaylen ‘Underpreciated’ Brown so he could light a fire into him knowing he was going to sit out in the second half and be a player-coach. LeBron James is ain’t fooling nobody. I knew exactly what he was doing.”