Damian Jones Lakers
Photo: Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

The players of the Los Angeles Lakers shared their excitement about the debut of Damian Jones with the defending champions.

Jones played eight minutes for the Lakers against the Warriors and had eight rebounds and three assists before exiting the game with a back injury.

“I’ve been talking to him since he’s been here. I’ve been telling him there’s going to be some ups and downs, but he has to be able to do his job at a high level.

We pretty much have everything else but a big time shot blocker and kind of a lob guy, so I’m telling him, to stay with this team, to make an impact on this, we need to hear you on the court defensively, we need you to jump at everything at the rim and we need you to catch lobs, because that’s pretty much all we don’t have,” Markieff Morris said, via Silver Screen and Roll.

“I played against Damian a couple of years in college so I know what he brings to the table. He’s a great rebounder, shot-blocker, rebounder, lob threat, finisher around the rim.

And I know he’s a good dude, great teammate, so that goes a long way with guys trying to make teams. He’s just went out and did what he does well. I think that’s probably his best strength: he just kind of sticks to what he does well and tries to make the best of it,” Alex Caruso added.

Jones is on a 10-day contract with the Lakers. Once his 10-day contract expires, the team can offer him a second 10-day contract, a guaranteed contract for the remainder of the season or they can waive him.