Damian Lillard, LeBron James
Photo: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Damian Lillard is one of the most dangerous players in the NBA due to his offensive ability. Most recently, he dropped 35 points against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it wasn’t enough for his team to win the game.Afterwards, LeBron James talked what it takes to limit Lillard’s offense.

“You have to because Dame has unlimited range,” LeBron said. “So you have to be up on screens. Once he crosses half court he is in his range.

You have to have everybody up the floor: the guy that’s guarding him and the guy that’s guarding the pick and roll. There’s gonna be double drags, there’s gonna be single drags, there’s gonna be a lot of things that’s going on in early transition.

“When you’re not a couple of instances tonight he made us pay for it coming off and letting it go. When we tried it when we got it right we was able to execute it to the best of our ability.”