Tonight the royal family meets The King in of all places … Brooklyn, New York. As does Uncle Drew and Wes. Confused? Read on…


He’s played in-front of President Barack Obama and now LeBron James will play in-front of William the Prince of Wales and his wife, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton when his Cleveland side face the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center tonight.

But like LeBron, Kevin Love [Wes] also played in-front of the President and will have the same honour bestowed upon him, and even though he hasn’t played under the eyes of the most powerful leader in the world, Kyrie Irving [Uncle Drew] will dazzle the Prince and his wife.


Britain’s Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, will be in attendance for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ game against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday.

“It’s an honor,” James said before the Cavs practiced in New York City on Sunday. “It’s a huge honor. The stuff that you read about, people like them are only in books growing up. And to hear that they’re coming to town to see me play and they want to see me do what I do best, it’s a huge honor.”

The royal couple will also meet with President Barack Obama on their U.S. tour. Count the president as another dignitary who has come to witness James play in person.

“Well I’ve had people from all across the board as far as stature, but the President of the United States, that was pretty huge,” James said. “To have those two, to say they were traveling here and one of the things that they wanted to do was see me play, it’s a pretty big deal in my household.”

James told reporters he has only seen Will and Kate “on television and the Internet and things, just like the rest of you,” and hopes to get a personal audience with the pair at Barclays Center.

“I would like to,” James said. “They are going to be at the game so hopefully I get the opportunity to interact with them a little bit. We’ll see what happens.”


The LeBron theme continues as he turned up to Madison Square Garden unannounced last night to watch the New York Knicks narrow 103-99 loss to the Portland Trailbalzers. Something that surprised Carmelo Anthony.

And J.R. Smith too.

Via ESPNNewYork

I knew he was in town, [but] I didn’t believe he would come,” Anthony said. “But that just goes to show you what type of guy he is. Regardless of what team he’s on, there’s a support system there, and I take my hat off to him for coming and supporting me tonight. He had a couple days off, and he came to support. I don’t think you can say anything bad about that.”

Anthony had 23 points and 10 rebounds in front of his Olympic teammate. The two friends had talked prior to the game, but Anthony said James did not tell him he was planning on coming to watch the game.

“He just showed up,” Anthony said.

When asked why he was at the Garden, James gave a long, “uhhhhhhh” before saying, “Sunday. I love Sundays.”

It was impossible to miss the 6-foot-8, 250-pound James sitting on celebrity row.


Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has been diagnosed with viral meningitis, according to team physicians with Kaiser Permanente Sacramento.

Cousins’ symptoms are stable and a full recovery is expected, however the Kings medical staff recommends further rest before demands of an NBA schedule can be tolerated. He will continue to be monitored daily, with basketball-related activities expected to resume when his health allows.

Cousins is not expected to be in uniform for this week’s contests. Further updates on his playing status will be issued when they become available.