Stephen Curry
Photo: Ezra Shaw/undefined

With Klay Thompson ruled out for the season, Steph Curry is the sole superstar on the Golden State Warriors and the 32-year-old guard is doing his best to carry the team.

He is averaging 36.3 points per game in February on 49.5% three-point shooting. The Dubs’ head coach Steve Kerr says it is the best from Curry he has ever seen.

“He’s on, I think, the best run I’ve ever seen him on. I know that’s saying a lot because he’s had some incredible stretches here. But given the difference in roster, a run three years ago with Kevin [Durant] and Klay [Thompson] next to him versus the run now for the reasons you just mentioned all the different defense and the double-teams and everything else. I just think this is more impressive,” Kerr said on 95.7 The Game.

“What I see is a guy who is equally lethal on and off the ball, to an extent that nobody has ever been in the history of the league. When you think about all the best scorers, you really think about on ball, dominating the ball, 1-on-1, pick ‘n’ roll, whatever it is.

But to see Steph so efficient on the ball and then become Reggie Miller or Rip Hamilton when he’s off the ball and just flying around screens and catching and shooting. There’s nobody like him. He’s such a unique talent and a unique force.”

This season, Curry, who is one of the top candidates to win the MVP award, is averaging 30.1 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game for the Warriors. His team is currently 8th in the Western Conference with 15 wins and 13 losses.