Anthony Edwards
Photo: Minnesota Timberwolves/Twitter

The Minnesota Timberwolves are going through a tough period. The team is at the bottom of the Western Conference with 7 wins and 20 losses which is also the worst record in the NBA.

It can be difficult to stay positive while losing, but the Wolves’ rookie Anthony Edwards seems unaffected. On the contrary, he helps keeping the spirits high on the team.

After Minnesota’s win over Toronto, Edwards talked about his impact on the team’s mood. “I feel like it’s my job to keep the spirit around because everybody’s older than me and I feel like I’m the life of the team as far as spirit. I come into practice happy, loud every day because I’m young. I got so much energy,” the 19-year-old guard said.

“I just feel like guys like Ricky he always gives me advice so even though he doesn’t think he’s been shooting well, I’m happy he’s shooting the ball. I try to give him as much confidence same.”